Sunday, January 18, 2009

News#2 NCAT-Tzec Teams

You will be in one of these categories. Please collaborate. Particularly those in Ethiopia should put their resources together to get something done.

Astronomy requires a lot of patience. Once you begin learning it and undestand it, you will never be the same person again.

NCAT-Tzec-Ethiopia (NTE)

1) NCAT-Tzec-AAU (NTA)
2) NCAT-Tzec-MU: Mekele University
3) NCAT-Tzec-Au: Adama University
4) NCAT-Tzec-AMU: Arbaminch University
5) NCAT-Tzec-BDU (NTD): Bahir Dar University
6) NCAT-Tzec-AAHS (NTAS): Addis Ababa Area High Schools
7) NCAT-Tzec-BDHS (NTBS): Bahir Dar Area High Schools
8) NCAT-Tzec-MUS (NTMUS): Mekele Area High Schools
9) NCAT-Tzec-Gojjam (NTG): Gojjam area High Schools
10)NCAT-Tzec-Arsi (NTAI): Arsi Area high schools and colleges


11) NCAT-Tzec-Guilford (NTG): Guilford County Schools
12)NCAT-Tzec-HBCU (NTH): Historically Black Colleges and Universities
13)NCAT-Tzec-Australia (NTAU): Ethiopian/African Users in Australia


14)NCAT-Tzec-Europe (NTF): Ethiopia/African Users in Europe
15)NCAT-Tzec-Canada (NTC): Ethiopian/African Users in Canada
16)NCAT-Tzec-USA (NTU): Ethiopian/African Users in the USA
17)NCAT-Tzec-Africa (NTAF): Ethiopian/African Users in Africa

Abebe Kebede
NCAT-Tzec Team Leader

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