Saturday, January 17, 2009

News#1: Technical issues using robotic telescopes

Australia was cloudy today. The Observatories were closed early. Several students were online today. So far only pictures from Brian Shuft (NCAT), Abebe (NCAT) were submitted. Several people were online. Students from Africa, please take pictures and let's see how the sky looks from your perspectives. the NCAT-Txec Team is now 33 strong. The team can only be strong when we use the allocated times. Some problems were reported

1. One student was confused about time: Please remember that when you schedule you will know that the time is indicated in two ways. In Universal Stime and Your local time. Also reminder is sent to your team leader (me) and yourself.

2. There were errors reported: These are not your faults. These errors are computer errors when that happens go back to your sky chart and try again. Also when you are trying to take a picture of an object that is too low, or near the horizon, you will be told you can not take the picture because the object is too low. What will be very helpful is simply to use the search target feature. In this case the computer will display only objects that can statisfy the technical conditions of the telescope. Then you select from the list and command the telescope to slew to the location. Then the rest is history.

The following links may help you understand time (These are not mine)

Systems of time
Time Zones and Universal Time


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