Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Important information for Students by Glen Reagan

Since telescope observing time is limited it might be best for students to pair up for accounts.  I also think that you will get the best initial results for images if you use the one shot color telescopes with DDP (digital processing done at the time of observing) and download your color jpg files.  No further processing at your end will need to be done.  A detailed movie that shows how this is done can be downloaded from: http://fits.tzecmaun2.org/video/SnapShotHalfSize.mov

The Student Portal  (http://portal.tzecmaun.org/ ) is the main entry into accessing telescopes, scheduling telescopes, noting current telescope activity, and checking the weather.

New Mexico telescopes are described here: http://www.tzecmaun2.org/wiki/index.php?title=New_Mexico_Skies

Australian telescopes are described here: http://www.tzecmaun2.org/wiki/index.php?title=Pingelly_Western_Australia

The FSQ-106 is also a great telescope to try out tri-color imaging for composing images because the raw images are fairly clean and the tracking is excellent...no auto guiding needed.  Attached is a composed color jpg of the Rosette nebula taken with the FSQ-106 using 15 min exposure times in R,G, and B which I took last night.  A larger image is possible if you use the zoom feature during image taking.

The web site for downloading SalsaJ and Align RGB planes plugin is:

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